Member Information


Slack Messenger:

Why are we using Slack?

Slack is a team based communication app that provides many useful features such as interactive polls and accomplishment tracking. It was chosen due to its availability on all mobile devices as well as its desktop and browser versions.

The FIT IEEE Student Branch will be using Slack as its main form of communication beginning in the fall. 

How to join our Slack team:

Step 1:

Follow this link to our Slack page: 

Here you will be promped to create an account with your Florida Tech email

Slack has not sent any unnecessary emails to this date.

Step 2:

Once you have joined our team you will be automatically put in the general discussion group. This is where meetings and other announcements will be made.

There are other sub-groups available with more specific discussions and private chats that can be joined and left at will.

Step 3:

Thats it! Checking this once and awhile will keep you updated on what is happening throughout the year. 

Please feel free to start topics and get to know other members! This year we will be placing an emphasis on team building and communication, so get to know your fellow members!

IEEE Membership Fees:

Why pay membership fees?

Becoming a full member of IEEE links you to a very large community of other industry professionals and leaders. IEEE members have access to one of the largest collections of technical papers and sources related to engineering.

Many of The FIT IEEE Student Branch events are reserved for members only, allowing us to put on better, more exclusive events. Students who wish to hold an officer position must be full paid members. Other member benefits will be announced as they become available during the semester.

Membership fees are only $16.00 (for students) for the semester, or $32.00 for the year.

How to pay IEEE membership fees:

Step 1:

Follow this link to the IEEE membership page: IEEE - Become a Member

Click the box that says "Join as a student"

Here you will be promped to sign in or create an account with your Florida Tech email

Step 2:

Once you create an account you will need to enter our student branch number: STB05291

Step 3:

After you enter your payment information you will recieve a member number in a confirmation email. Save this number, you will need it for trips and conferences.