Upcoming Events

Resume Workshop

April 6th, 2017

In preparation for the upcoming career fair, this workshop gives members a chance to sit down with professionals in their field and get personal feedback on their resume. This is a great way to meet and socialize with professionals and recieve constructive criticism. Food and beverages will be served. You must sign up in advance for this event.

Review Techniques and Networking Skills

April 13th, 2017

This event is a continuation of the resume workshop, however you do not need to have attended that workshop to attend this one. In this workshop we will have a guest speaker going over everything you need to know about getting interviewed and networking. This workshop will help you prepare for our mock interviews next week.

Speed Interviews

April 20th, 2017

Speed Interviews is IEEE's final step in preparing you for the upcoming career fair. During this event, attendees will participate in two seperate mock interviews for a job pertaining to their field. Constructive criticism will be given after the interview has concluded. In between sessions food and beverages will be served. You must sign up in advance for this event.

Recent Updates

March 30th, 2017

Ed Kirchner gave a great presentation on everything you need to know about creating a resume that will help you stand out from other applicants. His presentation is available  here

March 23rd, 2017

Our first meeting of the semester featured JPL and reasons to join IEEE. The slides from this event are available here

March 17th, 2017

Promoting IEEE to incoming freshman at the Florida Tech Organization Fair was a huge success! Be on the lookout for the IEEE table around campus this week.